Builds stuck in the NOT RUNNING state


We are using WORKFLOWS to create builds. But if there are many builds already. One of the new builds might remain stuck in the “Not Running” state (not “Queued”).
The state of build remains stuck in the “NOT RUNNING” even after all other builds were finished.
However, if I push new commits, the old “NOT RUNNING” build becomes “RUNNING” immediately.

Is this a known issue? Can I do anything to let the “NOT RUNNING” build to be running automatically after all other builds were finished?


I’m not using workflow but I got a similar issue on my private project:

  • build has been stuck for 45+ minutes,
  • “show queue” shows me a build already in “success state”


Apologies for the inconvenience. We have identified and fixed the issue.
Please let us know if you are still experiencing problems.


We experience the same issue, so apparently it is not fixed. Opened a ticket five days ago and still no response (except for the robot…).

Any help would be appreciated!


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