Builds staying queued forever


I hope that I’m asking in the right place, but… I just upgraded to CircleCI 2.0, and my builds sit in queue forever… I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Help? And keep up the great work, thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Can you share your $ORG/$REPO with me?


Hi, @levlaz.

Thanks for your quick response! I’m on a hobbyist CircleCI plan, and I don’t see any option to add you to my project. Can I add you on GitHub, and if so, what’s your GitHub username?

Thanks again for your help,


Hi Raj!

Sorry for the confusion, I was just asking for the name of the project :slight_smile:

Can you give me a build URL so I can take a look?



Hi, Lev.

Thanks for the response. Sure, here’s my build URL:

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I’m so excited about CircleCI 2.0!


Hi, Lev.

Just circling back to this discussion. I discovered the issue - I had a syntax error in my circle.yml file.

Thanks anyway!