Builds in linked org unable to find contexts

I have a paid account that shares its plan with a “linked org”. I seem to be unable to create contexts on the linked org that builds in that org can access. Whenever I run a build the message appears: "Could not find context

Interestingly when I create a context on the linked org, I’m able to see the context in the paid org. So I took a look at the network requests:

The graphQL queries to the “graphql-unstable”(heh) endpoint are using the same ownerId/orgId on GET and POST regardless of the org I’m under. Is it possible it’s storing and showing me the contexts for my billing org and the builds in my piggyback account are not able to access them there?

Hi there,

I’ve seen a couple of reports of this and it looks like this (contexts + shared plans) does not currently work.