Builds from forks failing on Spin up Environment


We are seeing all builds from forks fail when a build runs. They are all failing on Spin up environment:

Build-agent version 0.1.799-f865b43f (2018-10-11T12:48:06+0000)
Downloading previous test results from
Error downloading previous test results: failed to download from: s3://production-test- 
402a-a05d-58abcba53718.json: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = 

This is a bit mind boggling as when I look at the link for the build it mentions, I can see it show:

Archiving the following test results
* /home/circleci/abortioneering/test-results


This looks like a bug on CircleCI 2.0 to me, but it’s hard to tell as I can’t dig much deeper. Any help would be appreciated!


hey, sorry to be a bother and bump this – I’m a coworker of DarthHater’s, and this is still a hassle for us a month and change later (and impacting our ability to accept contributions to a community open source project). Is there a reason why forks might not be authorized to download from s3 buckets or something like that?


It looks like it is trying to fetch test results, presumably related to the store_test_results which you have in there.

  1. I would try commenting out this feature to start with. I wonder if test results are now cached against this job, but this is worth a try
  2. Is the S3 address accessible from a local S3 browser on your machine? You can get a free application to test this
  3. Consider sending an email to Historically, CircleCI have only offered ticket support to paying customers, but I think it is open to everyone now. I suggest describing the problem you have (rather than merely linking here) so that everything a developer needs to dig into it is in one place.
  4. Is this your S3 bucket or one belonging to CircleCI? I am pondering how the authorisation works for one branch and not another - maybe Contexts or something work differently per branch?

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