Building pull requests from forks not working



We’re about to give Circle a serious try on, which is a busy repo that gets maybe half of its PR’s from external forks by non-committers. I’m testing things out both on my fork of Julia (adding either circle.yml or .circleci/config.yml on master and opening PR’s to my fork, or PR’s to JuliaLang either from my fork or from within a JuliaLang branch Despite having “Build forked pull requests” enabled at both and, the only pull requests that trigger Circle builds on the correct account of the target repository are ones that come from branches within that same repository, not forks of it. How do people get this to work? I don’t want to run CI on internal non-master, non-release working branches within the same repository unless there’s a PR open for them. I do want to run CI for all PR’s no matter where they come from. I’ve seen other projects like where this seems to work. What’s going wrong with JuliaLang/julia so far?


Whatever the issue was here, it looks to be fixed now.


Still seeing this issue with my builds

Edit working now.
Looking at other failures, the issue was delayed GitHub webhook delivery.


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