Build webhook notifications for starting a build and for each step as it goes


We’d like the webhook notifications API to trigger when the build starts and for each step as it runs.

We use scripts that run within each build step to report to a service that tracks the current build status, the service is open source and can be found here: That in turn provides data we display on our developer dashboards.

What I would like to do is to add support for the CircleCI webhook notification API to pipeline so that we would not need the scripts and so that the build reporting could be more reliable.

The problem though is that the webhook API currently only triggers when the build is finished. Would it be possible to have it trigger when the build starts and for each build step as it starts? Maybe as a configuration option for those that need it?

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Send Webhook Notification on Build Start

Very nice tool, thanks for sharing!

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We also need the feature that post webhooks on each step of the build, not only when the build is completed.

We need a post on our server at each status change of the build (start, queued, delayed, running, etc) to update our CI Dashboard.

Without these webhooks we need to make calls to circleci api each X seconds to refresh our build status dashboard.


We are starting to work with Tools like Atomist. And the Travis Webhooks give richer detail than the CircleCi ones. I definitely would appreciate more granular notifications during the builds from Circle. Can we get an update from the Dev Team on this one?

Otherwise happy paying CircleCi customer!