Build status HTML5 desktop notifications



Quite often towards the end of a feature branch, small commits are made and I’m just waiting for the tests to complete so I can merge the branch. I usually have the corresponding CircleCI page open while I’m waiting for the tests to pass, to watch for the favicon change, but often I miss it.

It would be great to be able to enable an HTML5 desktop notification for an in-progress build, so that I could leave the tab in the background and still find out when the build completes.

To be honest, this request is in two parts. What I really care about is a “just for this build” notification, for a use case that is tied to irregular commits. I’m aware of the various branch-and-wider level notifications you have :smile:

Certainly the less important part is about implementing that as an HTML5 notification, because even though they fit the immediacy of “just this build”, I get email notifications about Circle builds already and that’s a perfectly acceptable way to get this notification too.

To avoid any doubt, even though I have a tab open with the build page I’m absolutely NOT interested in any kind of audio notification.

HTML5 Push Notifications for CircleCI status

This is a great suggestion, thanks! We’ll see what can we do about it.


Weighing in: I’d also love to see this feature, even if only the first part of the request “just for this build”.


I just saw that web notifications launched – looks pretty awesome! Thanks guys