Build Notifications in 2.0


Is there a way to specify branches for build notifications to be limited to in the CircleCI 2.0 syntax? Example in the old syntax:

        - master
        - develop

I’m trying out the 2.0 syntax in a branch so these limiters aren’t present – my test builds are being broadcast to my team’s Slack channel alongside our staging/production build notifications.


Thanks for asking that, I have the exact same question. Since it was an experimental feature, I’m not sure it has been migrated to 2.0, but it’d be nice to have that feature.


The email and chat notifications (found in Project Settings) are functional. We are still working on implementing the web hook notifications.


Came to ask about web hook notifications, and glad to see they are being worked on. These are quite important to our entire CD setup as we use webhooks to kick off a bunch of internal processes.