Build Failing With Exit Code 8



Not sure why this is happening, first time experiencing this. This is for a PHP and Laravel build. Tests run fine locally, but on CircleCI, on container 0, I get Waiting for parallel builds to finish... Parallel build failed

Alright, indeed, container 9 has an error message. Under the step .circleci/test:

#!/bin/bash -eo pipefail
+ parallelism=7
+ vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --dry-run --diff
Loaded config default from "/home/ubuntu/repo/.php_cs.dist".
   1) app/XXX/Accounts/Service/AccountRegistration/ImportListSeeder.php
      ---------- begin diff ----------
--- Original
+++ New
@@ @@
 use App\XXX\Products\Services\ImportProductService;
-use App\Models\Account;
 use App\Models\Shop;
-use App\Models\User;
@@ @@
----------- end diff -----------
Checked all files in 22.481 seconds, 14.000 MB memory used
Exited with code 8

What gives? I’m not understanding why it’s showing a list of my file diffs with an exit code 8. The output from PHPUnit also shows no failing tests. Any idea? :frowning:

I’ve figured out the reason why. A lint service is enforcing certain rules and the error messages were the recommended steps to fix. Doh!


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