Build-arg parameter in docker build command



I’m trying to pass build-arg to the docker build but I’m getting this exception: 'docker: “build” requires 1 argument.'
On my dev environment this command is working and also when I connect via SSH to your machine it’s working and I can run this command.
This is what I’m trying to run: docker build --rm=false --build-arg GIT_RSA=$GIT_RSA -t build_name:$CIRCLE_BRANCH .


Can you try removing the build_name aspect? Maybe also try replacing the env vars with text to guarantee that’s not causing any issues.


The build name is just something that I wrote instead of the repo name. The env vars are also not the case because when I ssh the machine I can run the same line and it’s working.
I think there is an issue with the how the yaml transfer the line of code to the command line.


That’s extremely odd. Can you link us to that? You can PM me instead of sharing it publicly.

Another thing to try would be to put it in a shell script and just call that script.


I use an online yaml parser to check how some yaml lines serialize. It’s possible that colon in your Docker command is forcing that line to get treated as a map/dictionary with the colon. If that’s the case, you can quote the whole command to force it to a YAML string.