[Bug] Git repository dirtied with Xcode 8.3 version

When setting the machine xcode version to 8.3, the git repository will be dirtied.

    version: "8.3"


INFO [2017-04-18 10:16:28.93]: — Step: ensure_git_status_clean —
INFO [2017-04-18 10:16:28.93]: -------------------------------------
WARN [2017-04-18 10:16:29.04]: Lane Context:
INFO [2017-04-18 10:16:29.04]: {:DEFAULT_PLATFORM=>:ios, :PLATFORM_NAME=>:ios, :LANE_NAME=>“ios deployFeatureHockey”}
ERROR [2017-04-18 10:16:29.04]: Git repository is dirty! Please ensure the repo is in a clean state by commiting/stashing/discarding all changes first.

This is using Fastlane.
Please advise, works fine when machine Xcode version is set to 8.2.

This has existed in some form for awhile. I’ve had git reset --hard as the first step in test: override: since May of last year.