Branch specific Slack notifications defined by user



Use case

We have 50 repositories currently set up with CircleCI and the number is steadily increasing. All of them run at least once every 24 hours.
We want Slack notifications on Failure and on Fixed on the master branch only.


When setting up Slack notifications, the least “noisy” option available is Fixed/Failed Only. However, this also notifies on “first commit” and across all branches, and every new branch gets a “first commit”. For us, that essentially makes the feature useless.

Current available solution

Currently this can be achieved using the experimental setting used here:
However, implementing this will have several downsides:

  • Only one setting will be available for each repo
  • It adds boilerplate code to the repo
  • We will have to make the same code change to all 50 repos + future repos.
  • When it is no longer considered experimental, we will need to change it again

Suggested solution

Make the per-branch-notification option available when setting up the slack notification.
This way individual users can listen to their own branches if they want, and the team-wide Slack notifications only show builds for master.

Bonus suggestion

Make it possible to set up Slack notifications for multiple projects simultaneously. Possibly through an automated call to the API. My wrist will be forever in your debt.


Thank you for this very detailed feature request!


+1 We desperately want branch-specific slack notifications to let our engineers know when they broke the build. Current options are too noisy,


+1 We only want notifications for master


+1 on this, another thing this would fix is the ‘no tests’ notification coming up when someone force pushes quickly to their own branch. This will send a notification despite the circle config, as that branch will have no commit (and will error regardless) which is a huge problem for me. Hope this gets fixed soon (or we may have to switch to another provider :cry:)


+1 for master branch notifications only!


I also really need this to get notifications for only master. We want CircleCI to run on feature branches, but really don’t want to spam our Slack channel with build failures on feature branches.


+1 we use this circle 1.0 feature heavily. really would like to have it in 2.0 as well.


This. Please!

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