Branch filtering not working with ignore regex

Hello, I’m trying to set up a workflow that is ignored on renovate/* branches. No matter what I do the workflow keeps running on every branch. I don’t know what to do.

      - test:
              ignore: /^renovate\/.*$/

I have tried not using a regex and instead have the branch name directly and it still runs.

:wave: Hi @marcmarina ,

I copied/pasted your workflows section above and created a build with dummy test job. I then pushed to a branch called: renovate/ding_dong (I had to name it something :grin: ).

The workflow did not run.

Could you provide an example of a branch name you’re trying to filter out?

Hey @yannCI thanks for the reply!

Turns out there was another workflow that was running the same job I was trying to ignore. So all along the ignore pattern was actually working, but another workflow was doing it on its own because it didn’t have any ignore rules.

All good now :ok_hand:

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