Bitbucket Integration Not Working


Not sure what the matter is, but I cannot get builds going again. They were working just 3 days ago. My company has not used Circle 2.0 much at all, and I was very excited to get the ball rolling. But now I’m stuck.

Circle is not picking up changes once I push to the develop branch. I just tried the master branch and that did trigger a build. But still the develop branch won’t trigger a build.



Just answered your Zendesk ticket as well. Looks like you got this resolved right? Can you post your solution here in case other folks run into the same issue?

Also, if this was a workflows build can you double check to see if there is an error on the workflows tab?


I discovered there was an issue with my config, I had referenced a build step that wasn’t in the list of build steps at the top of my yaml. There wasn’t any error message where I’m used to looking, but then I flipped to the Workflows tab and the problem was indicated there.


Glad you were able to get this sorted.


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