Better error message on wrong circle.yml



I added following circle.yml into the repository:

version: 2
executorType: docker

  - image: phanect/kubuntu:xenial

  # `build:` should be here!
  workDir: ~/ossetup
    - type: checkout
    - type: shell
      shell: /bin/bash
      command: |
        sudo apt-get update -qq
        DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive sudo apt-get dist-upgrade --yes

As I commented in above code, I forgot build:.

As a result, the build didn’t start and had kept pending for 2 hours.
There is no error message.

I want any appropriate error message which I can notice there is syntax error in circle.yml.


Thanks for the feedback! We’re working to improve both the error handling and the communication of the problem to the user. I can definitely relate to the frustration of wondering why your build is queueing when it’s a trivial error in circle.yml.