AWS keys not recognized



In my build, I download and install the AWS cli. But it appears that it’s not reading in my configured AWS Keys. Is this not implemented yet?


Correct - it is not yet implemented. I moved this over to feature requests.


Is there a work around?


You can pass the AWS credentials as env variables from the UI before this is officially supported.


Do you have an ETA?


Not at this time.


It’d be great if there was documentation indicating what features are available for Circle CI 2.0. Just having a single sentence in the UI saying “This feature is not yet available on Circle CI 2.0” results in a much better user experience than a developer trying to figure out why their AWS credentials can’t be found even though they’re specified.


We have been publishing everything that 2.0 has. While we are bridging the gap between 1.0 and 2.0, we will not be publishing what is missing, but rather what is included.

With that said, we are working with our docs team to improve our documentation. New docs will be launching soon.


I’ve just encountered this issue as well - as mentioned above it’d be great if you could add a note (bold text, impossible to miss) to the docs stating that ~/.aws/credentials will not exist on CircleCi 2.0 builds and that one has to export the env vars manually.


Totally agree!