Automatic Rebuild on Failure without Cache

It turns out that it is fairly common for node builds to fail due to npm cache. The fix is pretty much always logging into the dashboard and hitting the button to rebuild without cache.

It would be exceptionally awesome if there was a checkbox to have this be done automatically, and if the build succeeds, drop the previous cache entirely so it doesn’t break future builds…


Even though I’d like my tests to pass all the time, there are some badly written legacy tests, which fail every hundred runs or so. For this, an automatic rebuild function in combination with a maximum amount of retries until a build is declared as broken would be awesome!

There are many use cases for this feature. I need this one to test cache persistence feature cross builds. It should be simple to implement, wondering why this feature takes too long to implement.

This is indeed a super nice feature to have! Please consider.

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Would be cool to have this!

awesome feature!!! please consider!

It would be really helpful! :slight_smile: