Auto-scaling and pay-per-use option?



We are evaluating CircleCI and one important feature for us would be the auto-scaling:

For the moment, we must pay per “reserved resource”, and this is quite limited:

  • during the night, we have almost no builds
  • during the day, we can have builds waiting in the queue

A more interesting approach would be:

  • up scaling the number of containers depending on the queue
  • down scaling when there are no builds anymore
  • pay per usage

Any plan to add this in the future?



+1 for this!


New pricing options will be available soon that will address these issues. I don’t have an ETA for when they’ll be available right now - but it’s not far away.

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Maybe some sort of budget instead of fixed quota would really be helpful.


The current pricing model is a big PITA to be honest. Would be nice to have the option to pay per usage and be able to scale up/down automatically. One of the bigger drawbacks we see at the moment when using


@tom any idea of what you meant by not far away? (would that be few more weeks / months / next year …)



@cgcote very soon - less than a month.


Hi @tom,
I guess it’s been delayed a bit, would you know when that is planned to happen?



It’s not been publicly announced yet but is available on request. Please open a support ticket here: and let us know you’re looking for info on ‘Performance Pricing’ and we’ll send you more details.