Auto-follow all repos / view all in org


We’re a small team of developers and we’re pretty much all involved in every project. However, until I follow a project manually, a newly added project won’t appear anywhere in my dashboard. I’d much prefer to have an option to follow all projects.

Alternatively, making the organisation view show all organisation builds regardless of whether I’m following them or not would work. It does seem strange that I can see a list of builds tied to my organisation, but it’s not necessarily correct.


Thanks for this feedback.

This won’t be that helpful but I can share what I’d do in your situation.

1 - I’d unfollow every project which will take you back to our “New User Onboarding” which has an option to follow everything in any given organization.

2 - you may be able to hack your way into this based on the concept of “Autofollow” - Basically if you trigger a build on a project that you’ve never explicitly unfollowed before, we autofollow you to that project (and send you a message about it).

I warned you - not that helpful. :slight_smile:

From a design/product perspective, my goal sometime in the near future is to separate the concept of Following which currently has two components = “Showing in the UI” + “Email Notifications”. I think by splitting that, we’ll be able to better serve your use case.

I’ll definitely mark this up as a vote for “Follow All Projects” option and/or “Allow Viewing of All Projects without Needing to Follow”