Attach Workspace When Rebuilding Job



I have a deployment Job that I want to rerun, but it only knows what version to deploy from a file I save in the workspace during the first job. Since the workspace is not attached when rebuilding, I can’t do it.

It would be nice to have a rebuild of a workflow step run in the context of the workflow in which it originally ran - so get the same workspace that was provided to it the first time.


Also running in this this issue. It’s particularly troublesome with flakes, since that means that a single flake forces all of the workflow to be restarted instead of just the particular job affected by the flake.


Bumping this as it’s still a problem for us too. Can anyone from circleci tell us how this fits into the roadmap?


My impression is that this works if you go to the failed workflow (rather than the failed job) and choose “Rerun failed jobs” from the options beneath the chevron under the FAILED notification.


Yes that will sometimes work, but the commit status links in PRs link directly to the job, so people tend to hit the “rebuild” link there.

In some situations re-running the workflow is not ideal because the previous invocation had a side effect, like uploading an artifact somewhere, and repeating that step causes problems.