Attach a volume to ccita container on self hosted runner

Can I attach a volume to the ccita-6548e605e929ed27e33b67ee-0-wiaxj7zd in our kubernetes container agent?

is this possible?

the idea is to use this volume as a cache

It depends on the deployment of your k8s environment as there are many ways to attach persistent storage, but they all depend on how k8s has be deployed and many depend on the version of k8s used.

A starting point is this overview on the k8s site

To say that k8s can at times be complicated is something of an understatement. For something like this, it would be best for you to track down who set up your k8s environment, or the person who has the contact details for the support team if you are using a hosted service.

should be using Container runner reference - CircleCI

volumes of the resource class config ?

This is where my personal knowledge of k8s is lacking and CircleCI’s docs are limited in scope.

The example CircleCI showa in their docs has the following section

          - resources:
                cpu: 500m
              - name: xyz
                mountPath: /path/to/mount

This is basic k8s functionality, not something that CircleCI’s tools handle. The k8s doc I linked to covers what options can be used and the one CircleCI has used in their example is known as a “Mount propagation” in the k8s docs.

imagine that I want to cache yarn files to this volume mount

would this work?

do you have a real world example?