Are <lastgen> circleci/* images still supported?

I know CircleCI is maintaining a new set of next-gen images at cimg/* but I was wondering if the older circleci/* images are still being maintained or if there is a timeline for deprecation of those to migrate to solely cimg/*.

For example, golang has a 1.15.12 release out and there is no circleci/golang:1.15.12 image but there is one for cimg.

I noticed the builds have been failing so it might just be permissions issue to get the automated Dockerfile updates rolling again:

They are supported until the end of the year. This post didn’t exists back when you first posted this but there is a timeline now: Legacy Convenience Image Deprecation.

When can we expect a MySQL image, in that case?

We are planning on a cimg/mariadb beta image very soon. More information will be made available nearer the time, please keep a look out for the announcement!

@bytesguy Thank you for the response. Unfortunately our system runs on MySQL, and the build pipeline has several steps configured specifically for it. Even if the transition is smooth, we’ll need more than just a month to get it done in–if the MySQL image is going away and being replaced by a different image type, we either need an actual MySQL image, or sufficient time to retool our code and ensure it can run with MariaDB. (There’s an added issue, MariaDB isn’t what we deploy to, which means even if the tests and build are easy to update, they’ll no longer accurately reflect our deployed system.)

Are there no plans to provide a MySQL image, only a MariaDB image?

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Btw, you may already know this now, it’s been some months, but there is a next-gen MySQL image now.