Applying workspace layer fails


Since 2018-02-09T14:11:44.170Z all builds fail when trying to attach the workspace:

Downloading workspace layers
workflows/workspaces/383b2618-194c-4a63-bf7b-da50a12a186a/0/2d816323-1761-4962-b56d-3c6234fcd08d/0/103.tar.gz - 218 kB
workflows/workspaces/383b2618-194c-4a63-bf7b-da50a12a186a/0/6c84df9b-78aa-47b8-abaa-25bbc2524922/0/105.tar.gz - 9.4 MB
Applying workspace layers

Error applying workspace layer for job : Error extracting tarball /tmp/workspace-layer-511111031: exit status 1

This happens with different commands. Examples:

I’ve tried to clear dependency and source caches, but this didn’t help.

Any idea what’s the issue here?


I was having the same issue. Upon some research I found that the ca certs were missing in docker image.

Steps to fix:

  • run: apt-get update
  • run: apt-get install -y ca-certificates

The do

  • attach_workspace:
    at: shared

Should work


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