Any way to trigger 'approval' jobs from new pipelines view?

Seems the devs have neglected to consider ‘approval’ jobs from the pipelines view, so jobs just sit in ‘On Hold’ status with seemingly no way to trigger them. Am I missing something?

Are you able to switch back to the old view, to see if that fixes it? If so, that is worth a bug report.

Yeah, in the old view I am able to trigger my approval jobs as usual.

This is connected to:

@Kate_Catlin - could you indicate how bugs should be reported for this piece?

Yep, thanks for the post! There should be a pop-up on the bottom right-hand corner where you can report a bug (just use the comment section after the rating) and we’ll get it in a JIRA ticket.

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I saw a reference to this pop-up on the bottom right of the page, but it is not present for me:

I’m using firefox.

Thanks for the ping! We axed that sidebar and all that information should now be present up top.

For more information, see here!

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