Any plans for Android container with NDK preinstalled?

Hi! I wonder if you guys have plans on offering a docker container with the Android NDK preinstalled. I currently need it for a couple of jobs executed sequentially (each of them installs the NDK) and saving 1~2 minutes per each would be a great benefit. My current options for optimization are:

  • creating my own container based on your default Android one(s) but it would have to be updated each time you make an update in yours
  • caching the NDK directory so that the next sdkmanager install ndk-bundle commands would just update the NDK if needed instead of installing it for each job

So, what do you think?
I am not a big fan of both options and I hope an ndk-image would benefit other users as well.

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I think this would be great. Could you open up an issue (or even a PR :wink: ) here:

Hey @levlaz thanks for the idea!
I noticed this repo (circleci-dockerfiles) is just a public placeholder for the autogenerated docker files so it’s probably better to use
In fact there already exists an old issue (#73) for Android NDK.
I guess I’ll need some time to explore the scripts used to generate docker files before even thinking of making a pull request :slight_smile:

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Oops, you are right (regarding the link), sorry about that!

For those interested - there is now an NDK in the Android image and a defined ANDROID_NDK_HOME environment variable

This is no longer the case, and has broken my builds. There’s now an NDK variant and I need to figure out how to use it.

Has anyone figured how to use ndk image ?

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