Ansible SSH prompts for input


I have added an SSH key to my project settings via the UI under the “SSH Permissions” section.

This is my config.yml:

- add_ssh_keys:
            - "<fingerprint>"
- deploy:
          name: Deploy to production
          command: |
            . env/bin/activate
            ansible-playbook -i ansible/hosts ansible/deploy.yaml

Once my build gets to the deploy phase and ansible attempts to connect, I get the console prompt:
"Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? " (eg: /gh/Sub-Tech/reports/12) which makes the whole build hold up indefinitely.

This was working correctly under my version 1 builds, this is my first project under version 2 and can’t figure out the problem. I’ve tried with and without the “add_ssh_keys” (the docs seem to indicate this is typically not needed)


I’ve fixed this by adding:


This will work for Ansible.


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