Another pricing option between free and 50$


I use circleCI extensively on a personal project. I do not need 2 containers since it is only me. But I will probably hit the minutes limit soonish.
50$/month seems like overkill for this project.

Currently costs are hosting for 10$/month, github 7$/month and domain name for 50$/year => 254$/year total.
With the lowest paying plan of circleCI that would add 600$ => 854$/year.

If there was a plan “unlimited time, 1 container” for less than 50$ I would consider using it.

Thanks for doing circleCI


I believe the current way SaaS CI services think about containers is broken/outdated. We hope to better serve you power when and how you need it. We’re actively working on a new pricing model that should help with this issue.

In the meantime, while I encourage you to upgrade to a paid plan (it’s not just another container, it also includes engineering support!), I encourage to you to continue to use the hobbyist/free plan as it fits your needs.

We monitor usage against it, looking for abuse (e.g., going over the limit, month after month) - but we’re not in this to shut down someone who’s trying to grow (i.e., we’re real people who like developers developing software).

We’ll keep working on updating pricing to fit our users’ needs!