Alpine image with Git not recognizing libssh2



I am trying to use the alpine:3.5 image as the base, but I am getting this error when attempting to checkout the project from github. This is the output when running circleci build for local testing.
circleci version: 0.0.2724-6157cbe

====>> 1. Installing Dependencies
apk add --update git && rm -rf /var/cache/apk/*

(1/5) Installing libssh2 (1.7.0-r2)
(2/5) Installing libcurl (7.52.1-r2)
(3/5) Installing expat (2.2.0-r0)
(4/5) Installing pcre (8.39-r0)
(5/5) Installing git (2.11.1-r0)
Executing busybox-1.25.1-r0.trigger
OK: 23 MiB in 17 packages
====>> 2. Checkout code
Error: ssh is not installed in this build image, but ssh is required by git to checkout code.
Pick an image that has it pre-installed, or install it before checkout

Step failed
Task failed

I am not sure if I have a misunderstanding, but it looks like it installed libcurl and its dependency libssh2.


Try openssh-client


wow… that was it. Thank you.

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