Allow orgs to build repos without someone watching them, and make it easier to find existing projects


Our organization loves CircleCI - we have 20+ projects, and we add new ones reasonably often. One frustration we have is that a project will only be built if someone in the organization is watching it.

The first issue with this approach is that adding/following projects isn’t very intuitive. We have 82 repos in Github, and the repo list on the add screen is a wall of red/green labels, with very little distinction between projects that are already setup in circleci, and those that need to be setup:

The “Watch project” button is so similar to the “Build project” button in colour and size that it’s incredibly easy to miss. I do so frequently and I know what I’m looking for! It’d be a lot easier if there were a canonical list of projects that are being built by the organization, and then have a button to import a new project.

The second issue is that the current setup requires someone in the organization to be watching a project in order for it to be built. The majority of our developers only interact with CircleCI through github pull request statuses, so they’re not watching many (if any) projects in the app.

If the last person who’s watching a project leaves the company then CircleCI will stop building the project, which means deployment artifacts will no longer be generated, which means we can’t deploy.This would be extremely frustrating, especially as this is not stated in the app!

Considering your pricing is based on the number of simultaneous builds, it doesn’t matter to us if our organization has 30+ repos, and only 8 of them are built regularly.

I’d just like to re-iterate that the rest of the app is great, it’s just the UX around this part of the experience which is extremely frustrating.


Thank you very much for sharing this—passing your feedback to our product team.


Any word on where this fits on your roadmap? A new hire ran into this the other day, he was extremely confused when he saw this page after signing in. Up until that point he’d been accessing the builds through pull requests and assumed he already had access to the repos.


We currently don’t have a specific timeline for when a solution will be shipped, but we’ll keep you informed here. Thank you for your patience.