Allocating a remote Docker Engine stuck



Today our builds get stuck on “Allocating a remote Docker Engine”, usually this step required just about 10 seconds, now some builds are on this step for more than 2-3 minutes.
Can we do something to fix this?


piling onto this ticket; all our builds are failing on this step.


I’ve contacted our team about this.


An ETA on this would be pretty important if you have one because we might decide to revert to the old version if necessary.


Will an outage like this be listed on your status page, once 2.0 emerges from beta? Do you have a 2.0 beta status page we can use when triaging things like this?



There is no ETA other than ASAP.

I assume the status page will reflect all the non-beta services once we’re out of beta.


Thanks Ryan


This should be fully resolved at this time.


Ryan is correct,

We plan to update outages on our status page as we move out of beta.

Apologies for this outage.

We are doing a post mortem internally and taking steps to minimize such incidents.


Seeing this fail again, very quickly, on every build:


It should be resolved now. Can you confirm if you’re able to run the build?


Yes it works now, thanks a lot


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