Adding docker named volume to build container




We want to share nix store which caches build artifacts across builds. We don’t want to copy these artifacts. We tried specifying the /nix/store as a cached directory but the restore step timed out. Can we add named volumes to build containers so they are available across builds?



I moved this over to the feature requests section.


The ability to specify volumes is actually critical for some scenarios, for example running selenium-docker:

FTA: “When executing docker run for an image with chrome browser please add volume mount -v /dev/shm:/dev/shm to use the host’s shared memory.”

In the current CircleCI 2.0, I can’t do that, so the container is likely to crash.


That’s not 100% true - we give you /dev/shm and we’ve buffed it since the initial 2.0 launch to better support Selenium.


So it is automatically mapped to the container? This is great - I didn’t see that in the docs anywhere?


That’s a good point. We’ve been building out the platform so fast it has been hard for docs to keep up.

But it does look right to me: