Adding `[circle skip]` to commit message to skip

I sometime use multiple CIs to cover different platforms (Travis CI for Mac and AppVeyor for Windows). Occasionally, I want to make a change that only affects one of the platforms and want to skip tests on the others. I would liked to be able to add [circle skip] or similar to the commit message to skip a build on Circle CI only.


This was previously added here, but was closed by what appears to be a misunderstanding of the request. The current strategy of adding [ci skip] or [skip ci] does not work for me as it will skip all of my non-Circle CI builds too, which is exactly what I want to avoid. I need a method to skip only Circle CI in some cases.

Sorry about that. This post should be good here.

This isn’t a solution to your problem but a workaround could be to have a small script check the commit message and the env var CIRCLECI to determine if it should continue or not.

That still starts the build process on Circle but at least the entire thing doesn’t need to complete.

Also would be nice to have [skip circle] in addition to [circle skip].

In case you’d hadn’t seen - we do support both as of March! (we need permalinks! just search for skip).

If you are using the API, there is a subtle nuance: committing with “[skip ci]” skips it and it can’t be re-run. But commits with “[ci skip]” are skipped but can be re-run.

I don’t see [skip circle] or [circle skip] in that comment or that changelog. So I don’t think that is a solution.

Not to be rude, but it would be nice if this issue does not get closed off a second time incorrectly.

Both Travis and Circleci has [ci skip] feature. It would be nice if we could differentiate between them. For example [circleci skip] or even [circleci skip <my_heavy_job>]

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  1. We can. On CircleCI you can also use the reverse, [skip ci].
  2. Why?

Because I may want to skip only Travis or only CircleCI or even a particular job.

Real world examle:

Travis handles core tests

CircleCI does documentation format tests

If I want to PR something that touches only documentation files I may want to skip Travis tests and If I’m too annoyed with “bad formatting” reports - skip CircleCI.

Ah okay, that makes perfect sense.

AppVeyor has a convenient [skip appveyor] ( It would be nice to have a form of [skip circleci] to be able to skip CircleCI builds while I’m working on AppVeyor builds.

The same request has been outstanding at TravisCi for 2+ years now:

People are pretty annoyed since it should be trivial to implement.

Relax, mon amis. You have a choice whether to be annoyed, so take the happy path! Stroke a furry animal. :cat2: :dog2:

I’m a satisfied CircleCI user, and I hope you will forgive my philosophical replies to your messages from today. When making feature requests or bug reports, I recommend that you make them with as much positivity and kindness as you can muster, even if you intend to become a paying customer.

If you wish to register your annoyance explicitly, complain loudly, or opine that something is so beyond the pale that it surely cannot be “for real”, then you may not get the responses you are hoping for. I don’t work for CircleCI, so I may have a bit more leeway to say this! I have however worked in some tech environments where a hostile and contemptuous bug report ruined my day, and I can honestly say that messages of that kind do not motivate me to prioritise the customer’s issue, even if they are paying.

I am fascinated by the global culture we have built together that gives rise to this phenomena, especially in relation to the coercive power of money. I have raised it on this forum already.

Working in start-up environments is pretty difficult, in my experience. It’s not just about how hard the feature itself is to make - it’s getting attention from the UX person, getting time from the over-worked
product manager, getting time in a product review session that is already full to bursting, working through existing technical debt, balancing out the (literally) thousands of other priorities…

I didn’t say I was annoyed, I said people are (at Travis).

I can appreciate that you care about the community, and took the time to write this post, offering your opinion and advice on forum and OSS etiquette. Thank you for your input.

With that said, does anyone from CircleCI have any update or feedback on whether or not this request has been viewed, considered, or discussed as a potential feature?


I’m asking for an update on this, it’s being tracked internally and I’ll let you know what I find.

This is now visible at, you can vote there to track updates and help our product team gauge interest and prioritize this.