Add support for PHP 7.1



Please add support for PHP 7.1 :slight_smile:



I have a pretty decent method of using whatever version of PHP I want in CircleCI. It comes in handy as a stop gap for the versions that they do not yet support. If you are interested I will post details sometime tomorrow morning.


That would be great. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yes please. Travis is supporting this since alpha releases it seems


My apologies for being late to respond to this, I know I said yesterday morning I would have the details but I couldn’t find the time to fix up my scripts before I sent them out. I’m going to try my best to have the details up tonight for you guys.

Just as a heads up though, you will need some place to host a .deb file so your builds can download and install it. I promise that in my usage this download/install only adds around 5 seconds or less to my overall build times.

Php 5.3.29

@ruudk @thanosp

As promised. I have cleaned up and released my code for using any version of PHP in your circle builds. If you have any problems or any questions, feel free to file a github issue and I will respond as soon as I can.



Wow, that seems like a really smart idea!

I just tried it, and it works really well.

Only issue I have is that I need some extensions installed: redis and intl.

I can install redis manually via:

cd /home/ubuntu
git clone
cd phpredis
git checkout 3.0.0
sudo make
sudo make install

I run this in my circle.yml, so it’s a bit slow.

But I cannot seem to install intl via pecl install intl because it is not available:

The `pecl' command exists in these PHP versions:

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:



I’ll take a look at it tonight. If PECL is not available, that means that phpenv does not install it by default, so i’ll have to look at what I can do to build it in.


I have just released and update to my github and I will push a new image to docker hub shortly. I have verified that pear and pecl are now there. Let me know if you have any issues. As always, enjoy!



I just saw somebody of CircleCI responding to my Github issue about PHP 7.1 >


That is rather interesting. When I needed this, the latest circle had, even in their repositories, was 7.0.7 so I went ahead and created this tool. At any rate, if 7.1.1 comes out and the circle repository is not updated fast enough, this tool is there to save the day!


Yeah, I’ll keep your approach in mind when I later have issues. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: