Add support for .circle.yml (dot file)


For projects/languages that usually have files in the root of the project folder, it is nice to have files for CI and deployment not polluting the namespace. I would like Circle to support a circle.yml file with a dot in front, e.g. .circle.yml


+1 - should be an easy fix to support both versions of files.


+1 - be a good citizen and follow the herd :smile:


+1 - looking for the circle.yml file to be along with the other dotfiles in my project, so it is more organized. :smile:


Odd… there must be something I am missing here. I wonder why he is against it. Oh well. We went with travis anyway. UI isn’t as nice looking, but working great with a nice dot file! :smile:


+1 for this. I’m trying CircleCI, but am pretty unimpressed by refusal to support this behavior without any rationale.


Agreed. Please support this.


+1, why is this still not a thing? Surely it’s 5 minutes of coding effort.




What is the status of this request?


Would love to see this happen! The View count on this Topic seems to indicate there’s a lot more folks interested in this than are speaking up about it. Might be low hanging fruit for some major community kudos! :slight_smile:


Yes take the 5 minutes to add support for the dotfile.


Anything on this?


We use .circleci/config.yml in our 2.0 product.