Add Support for BitBucket



I’m hosting my code in Bitbucket. Does CircleCI support Bitbucket?


I’m a big fan of GitHub, but I’d also like to see BitBucket support. For small personal projects, I tend to start them on BitBucket for the free private repositories, but I don’t want to be without CI right from the start. :slight_smile:


We need this feature too. We used Bitbucket in our company because paid plan was scalable on user number and not on private repository. We have a large amount of repository !
Also, BitBucket are pretty good with some service purposed by Atlasssian: JIRA & Confluence.

But CircleCI address a problematic which another CI editor doesn’t purpose: native mobile integration !
And we’re ready to chose CircleCI to manage all projects we have in our company (a thousand ? and more than, everyday). But the limitation to GitHub stop all possibility for us to use your amazing CI features.

Please, allow BitBucket as GIt provider ! (And keep login only with a GitHub account if you want !)


Bitbucket should definitely be supported.

But the greater issue here is that any git repo should be supported.


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Well , we cannot use circleci without the support for Bitbucket as our main repos are hosted on this plateform :slight_smile: So yeah, this is definitely a must have feature for us.


Did you guys already add this to the roadmap? Would be great to have bitbucket support.


Should be easy to add bitbucket


After seeing this article I just about started crying. I’m completely finished with GitHub. Someone needs to add some additional support here and maybe I can finally stop crying about losing what was a good, old, reliable friend.


I clicked it, looking forward to seeing this added.


Bitbucket support seems to be the most viewed feature request - hoping to see it implemented:


They also now prepend /gh/ in the url, not sure if that has always been there. Maybe they’re working on it!


I’d love support for BitBucket as well ! :+1:


Is it just me or did CircleCi just briefly enable this then disable it again? I can still see CircleCi in Bitbucket’s ‘OAuth integrated applications’


About every few months I seem to re-discover CircleCI and think “This would be perfect for us!”.

And then this happens:

  • “Oh, I appear to already have an account here.”
  • “Why didn’t I ever setup a project in here to try it out?”
  • “Oh! Right, there’s no Bitbucket support. Never mind.”

There are a few catches with Bitbucket support, including how it doesn’t send webhook notifications for merge commits (not sure if this has been resolved since I last checked). Sometimes our team have to create dummy commits after merges just to trigger the webhooks/builds/deployments.

Hope this isn’t too far away! We like GitHub, but with 175 private repositories (and growing) it would cost us $450/month compared to $25/month on Bitbucket (13 staff)


I also need this feature . Is there already done ?


Looking forward to bitbucket integration!

Setup mysql database for testing specific on ubuntu 14.04

Please add this feature.

I would be nice to move away from Bamboo


Why hasn’t anyone at CI at least acknowledged this feature request? Would like to know at least which direction they are leaning towards; either they have it on the roadmap or not.


Hi guys,
Please let us know if Bitbucket is on your roadmap and if yes, what’s the ETA?
We are evaluating/choosing a deployment tool now and your reply could help.

Thank you,