Add Selective Builds to better support multiple applications in repo


With more hybrid frameworks becoming available for Mobile (e.g. React-Native), it is becoming more popular to have multiple applications in a single Git repository.

To better support this, it would be nice to trigger (or not) a build when certain files are changed. E.g. to run either an iOS build or Android build.

For example, in one of my active repos, I have two file trees:


It would be great to be able to say: "Only build if files in this path have changed: source/Android"

And, of course, it would integrate back with GitHub to report the build as successful or skipped so that PRs could be approved per usual.

For an example of how a competitor is doing this, see:

PS: If someone can suggest a convenient way to do this in the meantime, I’d love to hear it! Thanks.


You can now run both Android and iOS builds with a single push on CircleCI. If you are interested in trying it out please reach out at


We have launched CircleCI for macOS Below, please find the docs to migrate your project from 1.0 to 2.0.


Hi, how does CircleCI 2.0 solve this ?

I too would like the ability to selectively trigger 2.0 builds / workflows based on which files are in the commit.

Is that doable?