Add preinstalled Fastlane gem to iOS builds



fastlane is one of the best toolchains to automate continuous deployment. As you can see is widely used by a lot of developers and is continuously updated and maintained.

It would be great to have the fastlane gem prenistalled to speed up the build, because by now, it takes ~5 minutes to download and install the gem.

Other ci services come with fastlane preinstalled, I’d really be glad to have it here on circle as well, what do you think?


I’d love to have this feature as well. A lot of users who use Circle for their Mac builds, use fastlane for running tests and building + uploading new beta builds.

Travis and Bitrise recently introduced built-in fastlane as well:


I’d like to have it as well


We are shipping fastlane with the next OS X build container version. It should be rolled out very soon. Thanks!


@alexey has finished releasing the new iOS image which includes Fastlane! Let us know if you guys run into any issues.