Add libpoppler-cpp-dev to default container



This is necessary for using Poppler tools and tools that use Poppler C-bindings.

It can be installed with “sudo apt-get install libpoppler-cpp-dev”.


Thank you for this request!

Please note that we are being a bit more selective on what we pre-install these days in order to make our image leaner and easier to update in the future. Without a lot of support it is not likely that we will preinstall this specific package.

If anyone else would like to see the package pre-installed on the container please be sure to click on the heart!


Poppler is a very popular package essential for anyone working with PDF files programmatically. Why can’t you support multiple images that users can choose from, with varying levels of “leanness”.

It seems like CircleCI has much less support for various languages and libraries relative to TravisCI. Are there any plans to figure out a way to keep the image lean while still supporting all the tools that software engineers need? It seems like CircleCI is just punting these problems onto the user, making them install dependencies that can’t be cached, and therefore increasing build times and making it harder to get a project up and running.


We hope to get there one day but are not in a position to offer multiple images right now. We try to make a one size fits all container in an environemnt when one size will never fit all.

Thanks for your feedback.