Add GitLab Support


+1 for gitlab support


We’ve moved to Gitlab recently, and would love to see Circle as an option for it.


+1 for gitlab


Any official comms about this?? This seems to be one of the major features that hasn’t been addressed yet.


We have moved all our git infrastructure to self-hosted Gitlab 2 years ago. We love it and are using its inbuilt CI features. But we also love the power of CircleCI.
So a very big +1 from us to support Gitlab.
This can be done very easily using the Gitlab webhook integration to start with. BuddyBuild did it quite quickly this way.


+1 for GitLab support. Like others, we have some internals dependencies hosted there and can’t use them on main projects in GitHub.


+1 for Gitlab => self hosted on a VPS for me which is working really great !


+1 for both GitLab (self-hosted) and support! Recently switched from BitBucket to for private projects and using self-hosted GitLab for ages so it would be awesome to see it besides GitHub and BitBucket


+1 for GitLab support, hosted or otherwise. Is this something that Circle-CI is even considering in the next 3 months? If not, I will need to use a different CI solution.


+1 for


+1 for gitlab support, we use github and gitlab, and will not move all to github just for this.

Are there any constraints to support gitlab?


+1 for


+1 for gitlab


CircleCI would be really nice to have when you need macOS runners, especially with the release of 2.0!


+1 for support, so needed!!!


+1 for self hosted GitLab support


+1 for Gitlab support


Feature request are tracked at

The feature request for GitLab is here:

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