Add GitLab Support


Any news on GitLab support? GitLab has CI but our company might require something more robust: either move to private GitLab CI runners or then take up some 3rd party CI SaaS such as CircleCI. CircleCI seems like the best choice for our needs but the missing GitLab support is a blocker at the moment.


I’m working on several project hosted on so GitLab integration would allow us to use Circle (which is my CI preference…)


Currently using CodeShip with side-projects that uses GitLab for remote VC. Our organization has been using CircleCI for months but we’re about to transition to GitLab, and if we can’t have GitLab integration with CircleCI, we will stop using CircleCI altogether. Please, add this feature.


This is not meant as a threat btw, we really need to re-integrate a CI server into our project soon and it’s either going to be CircleCI or it’s not, but we’d prefer to use CircleCI


+1 for Gitlab support


how much longer must i wait? Gitlab support we need you


We’ve been investigating a move to Gitlab for our internal projects to solve several other issues we’ve been having. If we can’t get support for it in CircleCI, it’s more likely to mean leaving Circle rather than sticking with Github. Is there any news on this?


+1 We are using GitLab, as well


+1 same here


+1 Support for GitLabs hosted repositories would be much appreciated.


+1 for Gitlab


+1 for this support


+1 for Gitlab


+1 for gitlab


+1 for GitLab support


Looking forward to seeing this integration (in order to try it with our private repo)


Any idea if this is in the road map…started using circle CI but have been using gitlab for a while would be gr8 if CircleCI supports gitlab too…


Why its not a thing yet ? circlCi is easiest CI out there. integration with gitlab will be the best thing ever.


Definitely an upvote here for integration!


I would love to see GitLab support.

Im using GitHub with CircleCI at work, but I am planning to use GitLab at home and for personal projects because private repos are available for free.

It would be great to have the ability to continue the use of CircleCI with my GitLab repos!