Add GitLab Support


I use GitLab for a lot of private stuff and I would love to use CircleCI with repositories hosted on it.


With the recent GitHub reliability issues I think it is imperative for CircleCI to support GitLab if we are going to continue to use the service.


@Jacob thanks for the suggestion, just out of curiosity are you using or running it yourself?


We’re looking into GitLab SaaS and would love to be able to keep using CircleCI.


@levlaz I was using the self-hosted version at the time of posting this. I have since switched to self-hosted Gogs w/droneci.


I’ve recently switched to (hosted) for a private project and would love to be able to use CircleCi with it.


I’m looking at CI/CD for a large UK government department which is a GitLab customer. CircleCI Enterprise ticks a lot of (maybe all) the boxes for us but the lack of GitLab support is a total blocker.

Is the focus on GitHub due to some specific two-way integrations that only GitHub would support? Would something be lost in CircleCI if it were integrated with GitLab?


Would like to see that too


Have any of you looked into the CI that Gitlab has built in? I know it launched sometime after this thread was created, so hopefully everyone has. (also a heads up for future readers)


Do you use it? If so, what are your thoughts?


I haven’t used it yet. However, I have heard good things about it from other users. The configuration and command sequencing seems to be mostly modeled like Travis, while the environment seems to be modeled after Circle (containerized, parallelization).

I have only recently hopped on the Gitlab train (for my private repos), so I am still learning the extent of their functionality. I’d be happy to answer any further questions you might have, partly because that will force me to experiment and learn the functionality better.


I am planning to move to gitlab soonish for a personal project.
Actually the only thing keeping me from moving is circleCI at this point (I like the Clojure support by the way do I won’t move soon). But I am actually currently paying 7$/month to github …just to use CircleCI.


would like to see that as well.


Can you please add support for GitLab? Some clients have a requirement to use GitLab to host their repos and I’d really like to use CircleCI for CI.


+1. Any idea how long it will take to support GitLab? Is this under development or at least planned?


+1 for gitlab support


+1 and glad to see so much support on this thread for it!


Why there isn’t gitlab support yet ?? 2 years spent since the first question about it.


+1 definitely gitlab should be on priority list


Just a heads-up for Circle powers-that-be… We’ll be leaving Circle shortly if there is no GitLab support.