Add additional warning status



Currently the builds end in either success or failed. There are however some other states that they can be in, e.g. running, fixed, timed out, canceled. It would be nice if we could run some commands, and just warn on them if they “error” out.

There are some tests that you may want to allow to fail, but want to get them noticed. e.g. We run nsp -- check to check for security vulnerabilities. We don’t want it to fail the build, because the vulnerability may be in some sub-package that we don’t have control over. At the same time, we would like to be notified somehow, so that we can look into it.

    - npm run lint
    - npm run nsp -- check
        warn: true
    - npm test

TravisCI has something similar with the allowed failures, but it’s part of their build matrix. e.g. cakephp has a separate section for the allowed failures.


Any word on this?