Add Ability to Quarantine Tests


I migrated from Bamboo to circleci very recently - my circleci build produces JUnit test output, the results of which are displayed quite nicely under the “Test Summary” section.

One thing you can’t seem to be able to do though is Quarantine selected test results – the way it worked on Bamboo is that all tests were run (regardless of being quarantined or not) but failures from quarantined tests are not counted.

Sure the “right” way to do it is to just fix the test case, but sometimes you just want to get a clean build out and just ignore a failing test case (call it a “Known Issue” if you will…) without all the hassle… Any thoughts?


This seems like a pretty useful feature, we do not currently have anything that would allow you to do this though.

Possible workarounds

  • You can comment out the test
  • You can skip all tests for a single build by adding
    - echo "skipping tests"

Neither of these are very clean solutions. I am turning this post into a feature request.