Add ability to delete a project from CircleCI


I have several “orphaned” projects in CircleCI that I am unable to purge.

It seems that, if I stop watching a project in CircleCI and then delete it in GitHub - it’s gone in both places. On the other hand, if I delete it in GitHub, forgetting first to stop watching it from CircleCI, I lose control over it and cannot ever get rid of it.

I found no way to deal with this using the REST API either.

I create and drop repos/projects a lot when trying to get a working circle.yml. My workaround has been to create and drop GitHub user accounts. :open_mouth:


This is a know issue, we can get rid of it for you can you reach out to us in-app or at sayhi@ with the name of the repos you wish to purge.

We are working on making this better in the future.


I’ll only waste your time with that when it causes real pain. For now, it’s merely an observation.


I appreciate that. :slight_smile:

Yes I agree this should be a feature, we will see what we can do.



I figured this out. It did NOT occur to me until now that this was a solution, because I expected that GitHub would have a an internal unique ID for projects distinct from ownername/reponame. I was wrong.

So the workaround is to create a repo of exactly the same name in GitHub, wait a bit for CircleCI to realize the repo has reincarnated (or log out and in again), then go to the “Overview” page of the project’s settings and click the button “Stop Building on Circle”. Poof! Problem solved.



Thanks for posting the workaround! :slight_smile: That seems good for now, but I think it would still be nice if you could just remove the record from the CircleCI side as well.


Yeah. It’s just a workaround. Truth is when you reincarnate a project, you get all of it back; so it’s never gone, just invisible. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but filtering of the list of watched projects ought to have some priority, imho.

Developers of package/module oriented projects (eg, Meteor) might conceivably have dozens of simultaneous packages to watch.

(or is that a different feature request?)


I’ve noticed the same thing as well. If you unfollow a project, and delete it from github, everything looks fine, but as soon as you re-create a repo with the same name, all of the old history shows up which is really annoying. I havent found a way to delete the old history, and I contacted support and they said that there’s no way to delete it.



Cannot add deploy key

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Just :heart:'ed it. Will switch to circle from Travis once this is fixed.



Any updates on this feature? It feels like a very basic feature to have.


Any update here? Would be great if we could delete projects, individual builds, and control the build number. Other players already have this ability.


There was a while there when unfollow eliminated the project and it’s history. Now it does nothing of the sort. I’ve even got a project that I’ve unfollowed but it’s still getting built with each commit. Hmmm… Any update on when I’ll be able to purge a project?