'Action failed: Configure the build, is it even using Circle 2.0 how do I tell in the UI?


Hey I just pushed a circle_2 branch and got an error 'Action failed: Configure the build. https://circleci.com/gh/spry-group/api.spry-marketing.com/18

Can you check if I did anything wrong? It’d be nice to get some more detail about what specifically failed so I could debug myself.


The error is listed at the top of the page. There is a TAB used in circle.yml. I found at least one on line 14. TABs are an illegal character to indent with in YAML.


Ahh so it is… I was so busy looking at the specific build step I didn’t notice the general error.

let light blue color doesn’t register as an error, and it’s far from where the error is highlighted.

It would be nice if there error were shown inside the build step window as well so it would be more noticeable.


Thanks for the feedback!