Access revoked, no config file found



So I got an email yesterday that the access to one of our Github repos was revoked. It turns out an employee accidentally disabled third party access. The change was undone and everything seemed to work fine.

One of our repos, however, is having issues.

I added it back to circle and tried to run failed builds. Master branch works, another branch with the same config doesn’t. It’s telling me that it can’t find the configuration. Tried removing and adding back project. No luck. It was working fine before the access revocation.

Any ideas?


The last time I saw a config could not be found, it was named .yaml rather than .yml. However, if yours worked before, I doubt that could apply in your case.


As suggested above, check that the file is named config.yml rather than config.yaml or any other variation.

Additionally, ensure that the config file is present in the .circleci folder in the root folder of the project.