Ability to use CircleCI as the build component in AWS CodePipeline


Now CircleCi only trigger builds on Github commits, except for the support to trigger rebuilds from GUI or api. This makes it tricky for us to take the next step in our quest to have the perfect code - commit - build - deploy - test -approve - deploy to prod pipeline.

We have looked into https://aws.amazon.com/codepipeline/ to get to our next level since we have a AWS enviroment already. But we struggle to make it fit with CircleCI. If we just could get support in CircleCI to trigger builds from an external part except for Github.


I’d also be very interested in this feature.


The question is about CodePipeline, not CodeDeploy. I want to use CodePipeline to manage the whole process. Now CircleCI requires to be in the center of the workflow, while I just want it to do the build steps.


I agree with you. I would like that circleCI can provide this feature.

I moved from jenkins to circleCI, the problem is I cannot build a CD pipeline as jenkins ;-(. Jenkins has a lot of triggers.


This would be great.


This would be extremely useful!


Having CircleCI push the zipped-up source and kick of the AWS CodePipeline would be a much welcomed feature.

Right now CircleCI can deliver the source to AWS CodeDeploy, but AWS CodeDeploy lacks the flexibility that can be created with an AWS CodePipeline flow.