Ability to skip deployment stage


We’re using CircleCI for continuous deployment, and there are times we’d like to merge a branch to our deployed branch, run the tests, but skip the deployment. I’ve set this up manually by overriding the deploy step as follows:

if [[ `git log -1 --pretty=%B` == *'[deploy skip]'* ]]; then echo 'Skipping deployment'; else git push git@heroku.com:REPOSITORY.git $CIRCLE_SHA1:refs/heads/master --force fi

I’ve found this very useful, and I think others would too.


Thank you very much for sharing this @joshowen.


Skipping deployment via web UI controls would also be useful for forked projects. I don’t want to make modifications to circle.yml in my git tree just to test things before I make a pull request then revert that to make the pull request.