Ability to return successfully from a job before completing all the next steps




I do not understand that there is a way to make a job return successfully after a particular step, bypassing deployment for example. Returning exit 0 from a bash step, continues on to the next step. I know about the multiple jobs and ability to trigger another deploy build but that doesn’t work well for us as the build artifacts (go binaries) cannot be shared between builds.

So i’m asking for a confirmation and whether we can expect such a feature later.

Thank you


This will be possible with Workflows, “coming soon”.


Ok thank you


We have release Workflows. You can read about it here.


In workflow I can trigger jobs.
But how can I mark a job as successful without running all of its steps?


To stop a job and mark it sucessfull:

  - steps:
    - run: circleci step halt

circleci is the same command used to run the build locally:


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