Ability to remove integration setup up by other user


Make it possible to remove a deployment integration even if the person whose credentials are being used for it aren’t your own. e.g. not possible at the moment with the heroku integration


Would it be an option for you to just remove the heroku section from your circle.yml? This should stop the deployments from occurring. Or would you like to achieve something different?


The configured heroku credentials still overrode any manually set in my build scripts even if I removed heroku from the circle.yml. see https://github.com/Financial-Times/next-tme-search-api/blob/1271ac68f009dfba820ca43a1ad69a5331fc0a49/circle.yml


Sorry about that :disappointed:

The Heroku credentials configured through the UI are then output into the ~/.netrc file, so erasing that should get you to the clean slate again. Could you please try that out?


I don’t actually need a solution to this problem any more. The person who set up the heroku integration still works at my company so I was able to ask him to remove his credentials. I opened this feature request because it took a while to find the cause of the build problems, and when I did I was unable to use the UI to remove a feature which had been added by somebody else using the UI with the same privileges as me. It’s poor UX if I have to dig about deleting files to undo something someone else did with a click of a button


I totally agree with that, I’ll file a feature request about this. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble.